Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?


The Chatroulette Spy client runs on your computer and detects your chat partner. It is able to detect your chat partner due to the technology, Adobe Cirrus, that Chatroulette type websites use to connect chat partners to each other.

What websites does it work with?


Chatroulette Spy will work with many more chat websites than just Chatroulette. It will work on any site built with Adobe Cirrus including: Chatroulette, Omegle, Chathopper, ShufflePeople, Flipchat, and Facebuzz.

Will my chat partner know I am using Chatroulette Spy?


No, there is no way for your chat partner to detect you are using Chatroulette Spy.

How do I cancel my paid account?


Simple, send an email to and we will cancel your account. No questions asked.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee for the paid version?


Yes, if you are unhappy with the paid version you may cancel at any time within the first month and your entire payment will be refunded.

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